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Cleaning services London – best prices around

End of Tenancy cleaning

Studio FlatFrom £70.00
1 Bedroom FlatFrom £90.00
2 Bedroom FlatFrom £110.00
3 Bedroom FlatFrom £130.00
4 Bedroom FlatFrom £150.00
5 Bedroom FlatCall for a quote
2 Bedroom HouseFrom £120.00
3 Bedroom HouseFrom £130.00
4 Bedroom HouseFrom £160.00
5 Bedroom HouseCall for a quote

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Single Bedroom£19.00
Double Bedroom£24.00
Lounge/Living room£24.00
Dining room£24.00
Staircase(per stair/step)£1.60
Rugs(size up to 5-sq feet£8.00
Rugs(size above 5-sq feet)£17.00

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

1-seater sofa£18.00
2-seater sofa£23.00
3-seater sofa£33.00
Foot stool£7.00
Curtain half£18.00
Curtain full£28.00
Single mattress£14.00
Double mattress£19.00
King sized mattress£24.00

Hiring someone to do a service for you is always a temptation. Whether it is to clean, to cook, to look after your kids or whatever else, having someone else do everyday work for you is what many people want. Sadly, such things come with a price and that is mainly what stops the majority of people. The prices for hired help can get pretty ridiculous, especially if it a job that requires extra materials or equipment. One such job is cleaning. If you are not the cleaning type, then you most definitely have had the idea of hiring someone else to do that for you. If you are in the London area, then you are in luck! We at Max Cleaning will be more than happy to take over that chore for you, while keeping the costs low. Double win for you.

We work in such a way that we offer the most competitive prices in the area, while still providing expert services and stellar results. Our clients are happy with both our fees and how good the quality of our work is. We do not charge depending on how big the cleaning space is, or how dirty it is. Instead we have fixed rates, which will make your decision that much simpler, and will also let you calculate how much everything will cost.

Just find us at and go to the bottom of the page. All necessary contact information is there. Whether it is email or phone, we will be happy to answer any questions you have, clear out any confusion and ultimately book an appointment. From that moment on you can enjoy a wonderful day, while we make your home wonderful, without draining all the funds from your wallet.