Carpet Cleaning: Rental Machine vs Hiring a Pro

Carpet Cleaning: Rental Machine vs Hiring a Pro

When the time for cleaning your carpet has come you have a choice between the cleaning techniques. It is a hard task especially when you don’t have the time, or equipment to properly clean it. Some people choose to trust professional cleaners from cleaning agencies, others decide to do it on their own with the help of a rental cleaning machine, but often the cleaning turns into a bigger mess. Here we will take a look at the options and see which is the better one. 

Some companies will let you rent their carpet cleaning machines.

They are usually big and not very light and easy to maneuver. You just put some cleaning solution in their reservoir and walk over the carpet while the machine does the rest. The minus in this situation is that you never know how much chemicals they use. You risk to have sticky residue on your carpet if you use too much. If you use too little, you risk having uncleaned spots. They are not very expensive to rent and are usually available every day of the week. But some people find it hard to use. There are usually wet and dry vacuums, so that means when you’re done with using it your carpet will be slightly damp, or worse – very wet, and you will have to let it dry. There are several drying techniques for wet carpets, which we’ve covered in our blog (link to the blog text). You pay for professional cleaning lacking the cleaner. The rental cleaning machines vary depending on your needs and the type of carpet. It is always important to do your research before you call and pay for a service. The customer service team will ask you questions based on which they will tell you which machine will work best for you. 

Don’t want to deal with the cleaning at all, call an cleaning agency

If you don’t want to deal with the cleaning at all, you can call an agency and have professional cleaners sent to your home. They will bring everything that is needed for the cleaning with them. They will inspect the carpet and decide what kind of cleaning technique to use, which would be best for the type of carpet you have. A carpet cleaning expert will be knowledgeable on the different materials of the carpets and will know how to tackle the dirt. Once again we need to mention that researching is very important. You will have to spend some time, to choose the best cleaning agency, we’ve also talked about this in our blog (link to the blog text). The best thing about this is that you won’t have to do a thing. The cleaners will come into your home, they will check the level of soiling of your carpet, and will use the best cleaning technique. They will have their equipment and products. And it isn’t so expensive either. If you have professionals clean your carpet regularly, that will prevent premature wear, thus it will expand the life of your carpet. 

You’re wondering which is better. Hiring professional cleaners for your carpet has more cons than renting a machine. According to us, at least. But the choice is yours! What’s important is to have your carpet cleaned and to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and germs living in its fibers. Since you’re reading this, we are happy that you are thinking of the cleanliness of your home and the health of you, your family, and your pets.