End of tenancy cleaning


End of tenancy cleaningThere are two types of people in the world. First are the people who cannot stand a mess, and those who can. However, when it comes to renting a house, apartment, office space, studio and many more, there are no two types. There is only one: the space for rent should be spotless clean. When someone wants to rent a space that person always looks for something that is affordable and clean. So, it is only natural that a person, who has a space for rent and wants to get tenants, cleans the space thoroughly, decorates it for show and make everything homely or just suitable for occupancy. Now, the issue is with the after care.

Who has to clean a space after the end of tenancy? Is it the owner or landlord or the tenant who used it? In the Philippines, this is a rather sensitive issue specially if tenancy is only ordinary people and without contracts binding them. Landlords and owner are usually left with a lot of mess after a tenant leaves. Tenants do not take care of the space because they are free from obligations, so they tend to leave broken things, broken walls, holes and trash. The only solution to this problem is a contract. The Philippines should follow Westerners ways of end of tenancy cleaning. This is surely to be beneficial for landlords and tenants will be more careful of spaces not their own. A middle man, rather business, should be created and this is end of tenancy cleaning.

What is it exactly? It is a contract, lawful one, that binds tenants to deposit money called tenancy deposit protection (TDP). This deposit will only be given back to the tenants if they leave the property they rented as the same condition before they rented it. This solution is good for all the parties involved.





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